I have been engaging in the Cuckolding, Interracial Black Cock fetish for a little over a year now and I thought that I had heard it all. From losers who have been completely punked by Big Black guys and forced to suck their monstrous fat daddy dicks, to black cock addicts who go out on the prowl looking for big black cocks to suck the way a dope fiend would troll the streets looking for drugs, to macho jocks who couldn’t satisfy their girlfriends in the bedroom and were put on pussy punishment indefinitely while being forced to watch her take in a big black cock having lover. I really, truly and honestly thought that I had heard it all. But apparently I have not. This…guy name Arnold (ewww that name is soooo ugly) contacted me on Niteflirt a few months ago. I call him Arnie now because he has shown me just how much of a total idiot ass hole loser he is and Arnie fits. Also because that’s what his dear mother called him as a child and he absolutely loathes the name. Calling him Arnie brings him down a notch and puts his ass back in check. But anyway. Arnie emailed me and told me this long drawn out story about how he had been visiting my page and my website, reading my blog and looking at my pictures for a long time. Arnie goes on to tell me how much of a beautiful girl I am and he just could not understand for the life of him, why I would mingle with mongrils. And by mongrils he meant black men except he used the “N” word. He went on to say that I am to good for “them” and should be ashamed of myself for even thinking that black men were superior to white men. I laughed and laughed and laughed. I knew right away there was more to this email than meets the eye.
So I replied and told him that if he wanted to discuss this further to call me on Niteflirt and he had one chance only to prove that he and his cock is more worthier than that of a black man. I didn’t expect him to call. I thought he was one of those many losers trying to get his rocks off through email without paying. Imagine my surprise when he called my line and announced that he was ARNOLD. He sound all superior and “holier than thou”. Arnold turned out to be a racist. A real live white supremacist. I didn’t know if I should’ve laughed in his face for harboring those feelings in these times or to hang up on him. I figured if this idiot wanted to pay me 2.99/min to tell me how bad black men were and how I needed to save my soul for engaging in filthy matters with monkeys I said fuck it. I’m glad I didn’t hang up on him. Because about 15 minutes later he asked a very strange question for a man who doesn’t think black men are more superior than white men. He asked me if Black men really had big cocks and if they were really bigger than white men. I laughed at him and told him Hell yes. And I guarantee that they are bigger than the pecker he is sporting in his tighty whities that is why he had his panties in a bunch. I could tell he was offended by my comment but ask me if I give a shit. LOL! The point was to make him see how idiotic he was for asking me about the size of a black man’s cock after speaking so poorly about them. You wouldn’t believe the direction that the conversation went into after that. LOL! Listen to the Mp3. I guarantee you ARNIE will be around for a LONG time. By choice and by FORCE
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Where has the Size Snob been? When are you going let us in on your glamorous young life?? Patience, bitches! Lol where do I begin?

What’s new?

These last couple of months I have really been getting in deeper with erotic hypnosis, tease and denial mp3s, blackmail, and lots of pictures along with 4 new videos to keep you boys addicted to me and hopelessly in love with me. Little by little these videos will be released to keep you boys wanting, drooling, craving and needing me. Some of you have been trying desperately to get me on the phone but I’ve just been too busy. But I have returned from this 2 month hiatus. And honestly you can’t really call it a return. Even though I have not been able to talk to some of you on the phone, I have made sure that I kept your cocks under my control through my videos, mp3s and pictures. If you are a special little pup of mine, you may have received some of my goodies at a discounted price. How do you become this special pup you ask? Simply by visiting my Niteflirt page, purchasing my mp3s and or videos or visiting my Amazon wishlist and buying me something pretty or sending an amazon gift certificate to rockingarianna@yahoo.com Once you done at least one of those things, you’ll be placed on my list of good boys and receive discounted goodies that I give out on a daily basis. So get busy boys! I’m going to be doing more videos soon and if you want to be one of the first to see your size snob Goddess in action get over to my page now! That’s all for now. For Size Snob Phone Sex on Niteflirt with your Small cock humiliating, cuckolding, hypnotizing young femdom princess, Call me on niteflirt @ 2.99/min Call Button

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Dated: 7th November 2010
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Wow, I have been gone for a long time. Totally neglected this blog, the website and niteflirt. Sometimes I get so caught up in my regular life. This summer was a total blast, partying, the guys I’ve been dating, humiliating little dick losers, black cock brainwashing for cuckold bitches and even a little blackmail for dangerous edge living submissive sluts. It’s been fucking great.
So what’s new? Well I have been working on a shit load of fetis mp3s for black cock lovers, and of course I have been relentlessly brutal in humiliating nasty tiny dick bitches. SMH You fuckers make me so sick. And the ones who pretend that they don’t know they have a small cock I have something special in store for you. Like this fucker named Tommy that called me yesterday. He actually had he audacity to tell me that his 5 inches has made his girlfriend shake and pant and beg in bed. Bitch PLEASE. Your girlfriend was putting on an oscar winning performance so you would hurry up and get th fuck off of her. Either she never had REAL DICK before or she was just putting on airs so you could get your disgusting little nut off. Either way, she’s about as dumb as a bucket of shrimps because before I waste the energy and time I will just send your tiny dicked ass packing. LOL! He really thought his cock was big, Where the fuck are you from? So I had to snatch him out of his fantasy world and bring him to my reality. He got on web cam and showed me his pathetic shriveled up cock and I fell out laughing. I told him he would be my bottom bitch and I would put his legs up on my shoulders and fuck his ass with my strap-on while he rubbed his clitty, because that is what that critter was. He came like a mofo. SMH Pathetic little dick bitch. Do you need to be brought back to reality loser and told how inadequate your cock is? Listen to my evil size snob recording now bitches. Even as I brutally verbally abuse your miniture dick ass you will still massage that critter and shoot your nasty goo.
Click the photo to the right for this fiery and fierce mp3. You can’t resist my verbal abuse. You have a need and greed to have me light into your pathetic ass without mercy and tell you all about how inferior you are. How sad must it be to hear from a beautiful, hot Goddess like me that your cock i nothing but a means to a good laugh and the reason behind why you will never get pussy from me or any other woman in the world. It’s time you face it. Your cock just isn’t designed for pussy. Humiliation and verbal abuse junkies will not be able to survive this mp3 recording without cumming all over themselves. And that my little dick friend, will make you even more pathetic. LOL! Stay tuned to this blog for updates on my website as well as new pictures, videos mp3s and size snob action all coming very soon. And since you loser pups love crawling and sniffing up behnd me, you can follow my pretty ass on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/SizeSnobArianna

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I went to a kick ass party last night. And there was a plethora of sexy men from wall to wall. They wre every where. The whole place was just filled with sexiness. But I’m no dummy. I know everything that might look good from the waist up doesn’t always look good from the waist down. I have too many stories of guys who were sexy, great body, cute ass and when they pulled their dick out I had to squint my eyes to find it. So I was cautious as to who I talked to and made sure I watched every move and listened to every word. 9 times out of 10 if a man is bragging and going on and on about how big his cock is and all of the fucking magic trick he can do in the bedroom like he is a sexual hoodini, his sex game probably isn’t worth a damn anyways. And besides, what grown man is still running around bragging about the size of his cock. That’s what juveniles who aren’t used to packing such equipment do or juveniles who have seen what their friends are packing in the locker room and wonder when their dick will grow. LOL! But anyway. I bypassed all of the bull shit come on lines until I came across this one guy who was just too damned sexy for words. I mean he was tall, had dimples, a cute little cleph in his chin and curly hair. He was beond gorgeous with a sexy colgate smile. I was so into him and he was totally into me. We were flirting kind of heavy like and both had intentions of going somewhere and doing some sneaky freaky. (Hey don’t judge me. I havent had hot steamy sex in a while since I was so focused on school and niteflirt. I needed some dick action ASAP!) So after we made it clear what we wanted to do to each other I asked him what he was working with. He looked as if he had no clue what I was talking about. So I whispered in his ear and asked him how big was his dick. He told me that it was 8 1/2 and thick. I got excited. My panties got damp. I told him I wanted to see it. Cutie with the dimples got nervous and said he couldn’t pull his dick out in the middle of a party. Some one might see him. I told him it was dark, nobody would see a thing and everyone was damn near drunk and wasnt paying us any mind anyway. So then I told him fuck it, I don’t need to see with my eyes to decide whether or not this guy was fuckable. I told him to undo his belt and I pushed up really close to him. I slip my hand down his pants and then….
and then….
Yanked my damn hand back. 8 1/2 inches my ass. This shrimp midget dicked asshole must think I’m stupid. He must not know who I am. I am The Size Snob damn it. I don’t do short dicks. His felt about 5 1/2 inches and wasn’t hardly thick considering the little fucker disappeared in my hands when I wrapped it around him. I shook my head at him and said no thanks. He looked lost like a homeless puppy in the pound and asked me why what was the problem. I told him his dick was the problem and left him standing right where he was. ON TO THE NEXT ONE! You little dick losers make me sick!!!

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Every morning I wake up to emails and yahoo instant messages from guys going on and on about how pretty I am. How I have a great body and they just can’t stop jacking off to my pictures. EWWW I don’t want to hear about you choking your chicken to my picture, getting your jollies off for free you nasty varment. LOL! Stroking without paying is definitely a no no. But of course when you are an utimate loser that coudn’t buy your way into a pussy, I dn’t expect anything but your tactics. LOL! Wow, that was mean…OH WELL. But since so many of you can’t seem to get enough of me, I figure why not make up a little game to make you even more addicted to me? A game that will have you so obsessed with my body you can’t go a moment without sneaking a peak on my Niteflirt page and gazing at my beauty. Tsk Tsk Tsk. You will never be able to stay away from me after this.
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In other news, if you notice that your Size Snob Princess isn’t around as much as I used to be, well the semester is just about over, which means summer is right around the corner. And THAT means, party, party PARTY! Who knows, I might have a boyfriend also, maybe even two. LOL. You know how it is. I have to have my starter and someone waiting to come off the bench. LOL. Later bitches!!

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Dated: 10th May 2010
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I had to write about this caller that I had earlier today. I was sitting out on my patio relaxing when this loser whom I will just refer to as “cock sucker jeff” called me up all hot and bothered about being a possible big black cock sucker for me. Typical. So many of you come to me seeking to have your hand held and led to the Mandingo Warriors so you can be their cock sucking Black Schlong worshiping solo homo. LOL. This guy was out of this fuggin world! He told me how he just wanted to get on his knees and have his black Master slap him in his face with his cock grease carrying nut sacks. He went on to say that he loves the smell of the Black man’s balls and how he had a room mate that would come home from football practice and make him suck his black cock so he could relax. He said his black room mate would make him say nasty and vulgar things to show just how badly he wanted the black cock and how much he wanted to submit to him. This sonuva of cock sucking fag hag said he told his room mate that he wanted him to put his black cock in his eye so he could see where he was coming from. He said he told his black roommate that he wanted him to put his dick in his ear so he could hear where he was coming from. He went on and on telling me how he begged his roommate to let him be his fluffer when he comes home from football practice. He wanted to lick the sweat off of his balls after he played in a game. I mean this guy was really strung out on big black Cock. He was so strung out on it that after college, and his roommate was no longer around so he could suck his cock, he started looking on line for some black daddy dick. Normally a person that is giving sexual services gets paid for it. This Black Cock fiend was PAYING black guys to be able to suck their cocks. HAHAHAHAH! What the hell? And then if he wanted to suck their cocks and swallow their jizz, he would pay extra. I am shaking my head and you dick sucking black cock fiends. There is no end to your madness.
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Hey you? Yeah you over there sittng in front of you computer screen looking at all of the pictures of those big beautiful cocks. You have the look of a starving man who has just laid eyes on a Christmas Ham. LOL! You look like you are about to start salivating over that big cock any minute now. What are you hungry or something? You need to feed? You have an urge to slurp? Well I have just the thing for you. A big fat greasy, cream filled cock meat sandwich. If this fat dick doesn’t fill you up and satisfy your hunger, I am positive that the thick creamy ball juicy cock grease shooting from it will fill your belly up just right! You know you want it. Don’t fight it. You would be so delighted if brought you over to my boyfriends house and served his fat long cock to you on a silver platter. And with your mouth being so wet from slobbering over the thought of how delicious he would taste and how wonderful he would feel in your mouth, I know your cock sucking would be extra satisfying for him. LOL! You’re such a nasty little cock sucking, dick eating, schlong gobbling, cum guzzling, fag boy. You want that cock meat sandwich, boy? You want to get down on your knees and be a superb cock sucking fag for me, bitch? Call me up and I will surround you with all of the cock meat sandwiches that you can desire. LOL

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I have a new toy. And this time it isn’t for me. At least not entirely. This special toy is for me to unleash my ass fucking wrath on as many boy pussies that I can get my grubby little paws on. This special toy, my sissy friends, is a 9 1/2 inch thick strap-on that I call the Booty Bandit. Yep! It is long, thick and when strapped around my petite waist, it looks sexy as hell. I get horny every time I try it on and look at myself in the mirror. All I can think about is some poor little bitch boy bent over in front of me with his ripe ass cheaks up in the air and the way his tight pink, puckering ass hole would look as my strap-on is going in and out. And I know if some of you good boys are into strap-on play you are more than likely hard as a brick and ready to bend over for me right now. You want to hear that slapping noise as my hips meet your ass when I thrust that fat strap-on inside of your man cunt. LOL! Be a pussy and call me so Booty Bandit and myself can give you the fuck of the century!!

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I had the most odd call today. Okay maybe not odd considering I am the Size Snob Princess of Small Cock Humiliation, Big Black Cock worship and Cuckolding Phone Sex. I should be used to the many guys who email me their stories of their unsatisfactory cocks, piss poor sexual performance, and how they just flat out suck all the way around (sometimes literally). But this guy. This guy was a bit different. It’s like he wanted to be punished, but in a forceful way. I played the role of his wife who was just flat out sick and tired of his short dick and the fact that the sex was always over for him before it even began for her. I told him how I was either going to leave him for another man or I was going to make him watch and torture him as I fucked a more satisfying cock. This shrimp dick mofo actually sounded as if he were crying on the phone. Begging me not to do this. Promising me that it would get better, that he would take cock size enhancement pills, he would make himself hold off from his orgasm until I was satisfied. This idiot sounded like he was willing to make a deal with the devil to keep me from leaving him. Finally I told him to make a choice. Either he would watch me, and participate if I wanted him to while I fucked my new cock diesel lover or he would find himself living the single life and I would see to it that no other woman would ever have sex with him because I would spread the word about his little dick. He threw himself at my feet and had me drag him as I made my way to the front door in this fantasy. He was desperate not to lose me and finally gave in deciding to be my cuckold. After our roleplay he confessed that that was precisely what happened with his real wife. That she promised to stay if they could live the cuckolding lifesyle. He did everything for her: Ate her cream filled pussy after he watched her get fucked by his best friend. Allowed them both to degrade him by sucking him off and letting him fuck him in the ass while he ate her ass out. He would watch while his best friend fucked his wife’s brains out and just as he was about to come, he would pull out and ejaculate all over his face and in his mouth. The best friend moved in and for a year the husband had to sleep on the floor while they fucked and slept on his bed. All the while he was paying all of the bills. One day he came home and saw that she had moved and literaly took everything except the bed with a note on it saying “You can keep the bed. The same way your cock wasnt big enough for me neither is this bed. So long loser.” The poor bastard cried on the phone and said he still has the bed. LOL! A total loser wouldn’t you agree. And he jacks off reliving that fiasco while talking on the phone with me. LOL! What a dick…

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Dated: 11th April 2010
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You know. I am astonished at the many men who mascarade as straight, tough, macho man-like men but turn into sissified, puddy like bitch boy fags at the mere mention of the all powerful and masterful Big Black Daddy Dicks. I can actually hear how weak and pathetic you become when you call me and start to confess how you fantasize about being man handled by a big black strong man and forced to suck his thick chocolate colored cock like a submissive little fag bitch. Like this guy that calls me like clock work every Sunday afternoon beggin me to watch interacial gay porn with him so he can grovel and fantasize about how much he would love to be the fairy sissy in the movies getting his faced fucked by the Big Black Daddy Dick. And naturally he sounds like typical manly man who is the go to guy among is colleagues and friends. By day he is Joseph but by night he is Joanne. And when he calls me he is just plain ole cock gobbler. I have watched this black cock gobbling mofo on cam suck down a ten inch dildo so well he could make the biggest cock sucking porn slut jealous. He credits me though. He says that my cock sucking training MP3 has really taught him and motivated him to start deep throating big juicy fat cocks and taking it all the way in his mouth no matter how muchhe gags until he catches a rhythm and can cock slob until it blows a creamy sticky load in his mouth. LOL! What can I say? If you are going to be a greasy cheese dick cock meat sandwich eating pussy bitch, you might as well learn from one of the best because I can deep throat with the best and I have not met a man yet whose toes I didn’t make curl or who didn’t come crawling back for more. My cock sucking technique have turned lots of fags, under cover cock suckers, and wanna be dick eaters into some of the most profound felation experts around. Instead of the cocks you suck off thanking you, they should be thanking me for my cock sucking teachings. Any one of you sneaking and reading this entry in my Princess Diary that has gotten a hard on thinking about sucking your first cock or your next cock, click the buy now button below and begin your cock sucking training now. If you aren’t too much of a pussy and aren’t intimidated by my aggressive nature, call me up and take a private lesson with me one on one.
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