Erotic Hypnosis is such a fun fetish to indulge in. But it is not one to be taken lightly. I get so many guys calling me who want to be hypnotized. They ask “Princess, can you put me under?” “Can you put me in a trance so deep that I don’t realize what happens until [...]

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Dated: 5th October 2015
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I know all too well what many of you want. The answer is simeple: IT’S ME!! Your hot young Goddess, the one with the perfect body, the witty attitude, the black cock loving Princess that enjoys sex with the biggest and best cocks. All of that about me turns you the fuck on!! Which is [...]

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Dated: 18th June 2012
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What happens when you mix Forced Intox and Hypnosis together? You get some really weird shit! Friday and Saturday nights when I stay home turn out to be quite eventful on Niteflirt. I got a call from a guy named Bernard (yet another ugly ass name) who told me he just broke up with his [...]

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Dated: 21st November 2010
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