Erotic Hypnosis is such a fun fetish to indulge in. But it is not one to be taken lightly. I get so many guys calling me who want to be hypnotized. They ask “Princess, can you put me under?” “Can you put me in a trance so deep that I don’t realize what happens until I awake?” And then I get the guys who want to play hard ball and challenge me by saying: “Hypnosis isn’t real. I haven’t come across one domme yet who can put me under.” To those guys I simply say it is because of one or two reasons; either they are trash at what they do or you are stubborn as fuck and you get a kick out of it. And those are the ones that I leave babbling like an idiot, shaking, bamboozled and covered in their own cum wondering, “What the fuck just happened?”
It’s been a while since I put together a hypno fetish mp3. Sure, I do my black cock brainwashing mp3s and I do them well. But today I decided to do an actual hypno mp3. It is a hypno seduction intro for slaves who are new to me, old slaves who are returning and the hypno junkies who just love being put into a trance. This hypno mp3 is to start your addiction to my voice, open up a line of trust and show you that I can put you into a deep trance, wrap you around my finger and have you so stuck on me and so addicted to me that you’ll be looking for me in the daytime with a flashlight praying that I will give you another dose of this hypnotic drug.
So the question is, how ready are you to begin your addiction to a hot young femdom princess? How ready are you to be owned mentally, sexually and any other way that I see fit? How eager are you to comply, obey and submit to me? If you answered ready, very ready, and extremely eager than let’s begin. Click the button below and get your ear buds/headphones and go someplace peaceful, quiet and where you won’t experience any interruptions. Prepare to slip into a deep slumber, a hypnotic trance. In the end, you will long for my voice. You’ll crave it, come to need it. This is the start of a dangerous addiction…

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Posted by rockingarianna
Dated: 5th October 2015
Filled Under: Erotic Hypnosis, Femdom Mp3s