I went to a kick ass party last night. And there was a plethora of sexy men from wall to wall. They wre every where. The whole place was just filled with sexiness. But I’m no dummy. I know everything that might look good from the waist up doesn’t always look good from the [...]

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Dated: 12th May 2010
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Every morning I wake up to emails and yahoo instant messages from guys going on and on about how pretty I am. How I have a great body and they just can’t stop jacking off to my pictures. EWWW I don’t want to hear about you choking your chicken to my picture, getting your [...]

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Dated: 10th May 2010
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I had to write about this caller that I had earlier today. I was sitting out on my patio relaxing when this loser whom I will just refer to as “cock sucker jeff” called me up all hot and bothered about being a possible big black cock sucker for me. Typical. So many of [...]

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Dated: 8th May 2010
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