Hey you? Yeah you over there sittng in front of you computer screen looking at all of the pictures of those big beautiful cocks. You have the look of a starving man who has just laid eyes on a Christmas Ham. LOL! You look like you are about to start salivating over that big [...]

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Dated: 17th April 2010
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I have a new toy. And this time it isn’t for me. At least not entirely. This special toy is for me to unleash my ass fucking wrath on as many boy pussies that I can get my grubby little paws on. This special toy, my sissy friends, is a 9 1/2 inch thick [...]

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Dated: 15th April 2010
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I had the most odd call today. Okay maybe not odd considering I am the Size Snob Princess of Small Cock Humiliation, Big Black Cock worship and Cuckolding Phone Sex. I should be used to the many guys who email me their stories of their unsatisfactory cocks, piss poor sexual performance, and how they just [...]

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Dated: 11th April 2010
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You know. I am astonished at the many men who mascarade as straight, tough, macho man-like men but turn into sissified, puddy like bitch boy fags at the mere mention of the all powerful and masterful Big Black Daddy Dicks. I can actually hear how weak and pathetic you become when you call me and [...]

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Dated: 9th April 2010
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Your Size Snob Small Cock Humiliating, Big Black Cock Brainwashing Phone Sex Princess is here again for more high level dosage of verbal abuse. As I said before, Small Cocks are just really disgusting and fucking make me sick. Men with little dicks period make me fucking sick. You make me want to throw up [...]

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Dated: 3rd April 2010
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That’s right numb nuts. The moment you humiliation junkies have been waiting for since the moment I announced it on my website. I have teamed up with one of Niteflirt’s baddest femdom bitches and created a couple humiliation mp3s like none your ears have ever had the privilege of listening to. Are you curious to [...]

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Dated: 1st April 2010
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