I am so excited about starting a new blog! Of course I miss my old one, but while changing some things around and switching servers, something went screwy and the original blog disappeared. As of now I’m not so crazy about the header. I will more than likely trash that before the week is out but I’m just glad to be back up, rocking and rolling.
So what has your Size Snob been up to? I know so many of you have been wondering this. School has totally been kicking my ass but I still find time to play with my little boy toys and administer brutal, sweet and sinister treatment through my brainwashing and humiliation mp3s. I don’t know which species is more pathetic. The losers with the teeny pencil dicks who like to be laughed at and humiliated on how they just don’t measure up (literally). Or the poor pitiful bastards who get a kick out of being forced to sit in the same room and watch their wives or girlfriends get the bottom knocked out of their pussies by a big black powerful cock. You losers bring a whole new meaning to the word pathetic. And then you sink to an even lower standard when you sit and hold the powerful Black Cock in one hand and your teeny weeny cockroach of a cock in the other hand so you can feel the black cock’s superiority and then feel your inferiority all at the same time. HA! That must really be a painful blow to your male ego. But this is the reason I have started these brainwashing mp3s to get you losers to see that your cock is such a waste that you don’t even deserve pussy. Hell you never should have gotten pussy in the first place. It is my duty to train and brainwash you into the mind set that your cock is not worthy or deserving of pussy. Do you think you need to begin that training now? Of course you do, midget dick. So I’m going to make it easy for you to start your training by making my brainwashing Big Black Cock PTV game available for you. This game is in MP3 format. I hope you’re not like some of the other pussies who played and had the nerve to cry. HAHAHAHA! Bitches.(giggle)

Looking for a hot time with a snobby, smart mouthed, kinky colege co-ed? Are you submissive with inner thoughts of serving a hot young sassy princess? Or are you looking to role-play one of the most kinkiest fetish fantasies you have ever thought up? Speak to The Size Snob Arianna

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Posted by rockingarianna
Dated: 18th March 2010
Filled Under: Size Snob