Erotic Hypnosis is such a fun fetish to indulge in. But it is not one to be taken lightly. I get so many guys calling me who want to be hypnotized. They ask “Princess, can you put me under?” “Can you put me in a trance so deep that I don’t realize what happens until I awake?” And then I get the guys who want to play hard ball and challenge me by saying: “Hypnosis isn’t real. I haven’t come across one domme yet who can put me under.” To those guys I simply say it is because of one or two reasons; either they are trash at what they do or you are stubborn as fuck and you get a kick out of it. And those are the ones that I leave babbling like an idiot, shaking, bamboozled and covered in their own cum wondering, “What the fuck just happened?”
It’s been a while since I put together a hypno fetish mp3. Sure, I do my black cock brainwashing mp3s and I do them well. But today I decided to do an actual hypno mp3. It is a hypno seduction intro for slaves who are new to me, old slaves who are returning and the hypno junkies who just love being put into a trance. This hypno mp3 is to start your addiction to my voice, open up a line of trust and show you that I can put you into a deep trance, wrap you around my finger and have you so stuck on me and so addicted to me that you’ll be looking for me in the daytime with a flashlight praying that I will give you another dose of this hypnotic drug.
So the question is, how ready are you to begin your addiction to a hot young femdom princess? How ready are you to be owned mentally, sexually and any other way that I see fit? How eager are you to comply, obey and submit to me? If you answered ready, very ready, and extremely eager than let’s begin. Click the button below and get your ear buds/headphones and go someplace peaceful, quiet and where you won’t experience any interruptions. Prepare to slip into a deep slumber, a hypnotic trance. In the end, you will long for my voice. You’ll crave it, come to need it. This is the start of a dangerous addiction…

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Dated: 5th October 2015
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I know I have been away for a long time on this blog. I mean a LOOOOOOONG time… LOL! I have been so busy with school and editing manuscripts for self published authors and so many other tasks. I just made a big move to Houston almost a year ago. Hell, I was even going to retire from Niteflirt and hang up my Size Snobby Crown. You can’t even begin to imagine the many emails and IM’s I received from guys who have adored me over the last six years begging me not to go; to stick around a little longer or at least keep in touch with them and make custom mp3s for them along with maybe even chatting on a private fetish line so they can continue to get their fix. Sheesh. I feel like I have become some kind of fetish sensation! Fucking right I am! So I am still here part time, whenever I feel like tormenting some little dicked soul or teasing your perverts and stroking junkies until your cock drips your disgusting goo! LOL.

Now today, I have something special for you. I know many of you horny little hot-asses wake up in the morning and the first thing your think about is getting off a really good nut to start your day off. There are three kinds of horny hot asses: The married man/boyfriend who either wishes his wife/girlfriend would be his alarm clock and wake him up with her wet, war, sloppy juicy mouth wrapped around his cock giving him some HELLIFIED head, the married man/boyfriend who has the wife/girlfriend at home, but would rather fuck someone else in the morning before starting his day. And then you have the pathetic, lonely loser with no girlfriend, no wife, just his lonely ass with a jar of vaseline and his hand- preparing to fuck Mrs. Hand-Cunt. Either way, your cock is raging, rock hard and you DESPERATELY want to squeeze out a load. What you really need is me. What you truly want is Arianna, the sexy, devious size snob vixen that holds your orgasm in the palm of her hand and can command you to come with just a soft whisper of my sweet voice. Yes bitch, you need me in the morning to get your day started. Start your day with my sexy voice in your ear, teasing you, manipulating your every touch. Buy the Mp3 and listen to it again and again as you stroke yourself until you explode all over your sheets. I’m your early morning fix.

Today I’m doing a special that will lead to tomorrows FREE giveaway. The first TEN subs to purchase this Mp3 will get my next fetish mp3 for FREE as well as early. But you have to leave 5 star feedback on my Niteflirt page and comment on this post to to claim your prize.

Visit my website for other fetish mp3s which include, GFE, Cuckolding, Small Cock Humiliation, Blackmail, Black Cock Worshiping and Verbal Humiliation. For custom mp3s, email me at or inbox me with your request on Niteflirt. Your request should include the topic, how long you want the mp3 to be and if there is anything specific you would like for me to say. Custom Mp3s are $2/minute.

New Callers get 3 FREE minutes when you sign up for Niteflirt. Call your Size Snob Vixen for the best Fetish Phone Bone a dork could ever hope for. LOL! $2.99/minute with no minute minimum.

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Dated: 11th November 2014
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I love my jerk off junkies who call me on a regular with their desperate and obsessive need to stroke their cocks as they listen to my bitter sweet yet bubbly voice. What I love more is controlling the way you stroke and ultimately controlling when you coum. Edge play is fucking AWESOME!! I love the way you boys squeal and scream as you are on the brink of having an orgasm only for me to take it away from you. (Giggle) I will tease your cock and get you soo turned on that you will be ready to sell your soul just to buy the opportunity to shoot your load. Cock tease and orgasm denial is what’s on the menu today when I become available to take calls. I will be around tonight from 8pm to midnight taking calls, teasing cocks and causing blue balls. But for now you can buy the Mp3 to start this sexual and torturous roller coaster rod. Things are definitely going to heat up when we connect!

In other news, I had one the wildest Niteflirt calls in a long time. When I say some of you losers will sell your soul to buy my attention, I mean that literally. I had a sweet little college boy call me last night who wanted me to transform him from Thomas to “Tonya”. He claims that as a teenager he fantasized about being forced to dress up, wear make-up, hair weaves (wow) painted finger nails and toes with high heels and being taken to a local glory hole to suck cock. I asked him if he preferred a type of cock and he said the magic words: Big and Black. (Good boy!!!) He told me that he knew of an adult theater near his college campus that was rumored to have a booths with glory holes inside. He wanted to go badly. He just needed the right motivation. And this is where things got interesting…

I had the little twinkle toes download Madonna’s Material Girl, Like a Virgin and Cyndi Lauper’s Girls just wanna have fun. He told me that he had make-up hidden in a locked suit case a long with a couple of dresses, a pair of shoes, and some panty hose. I had him get on cam for me as the music played and I coached him on how to get ready. with the makeup, wig, clip on earrings and outfit, he looked like a complete slave eager for a good throat fucking. And then the fun really began. He told me that his apartment was near the stairs to the rear of the building. Like a faggy 007 agent (LOL) I had him creep down the stairs so no one would see him. He quickly made it to his car and drove over to the theatre that he told me about. I wanted to see how far he would go. He was so nervous his imitation of a girly voice cracked with each word he said to me. He kept repeating, OMG I’m so close. I’ve never been this close before. I think I might cum in my satin panties. (ROTFLMAO) Didn’t that little twinkle toe fairy sonuva slut hole shoot a load into his panties without barely touching himself!! What a fucking loser. There was no way I wasn’t going to get anything out of the deal. I made him take the cum filled panties off and suck his goo right out of the seat. I told him it was the next best thing to sucking a cock and having the cream shoot down his throat. He moaned like such a toy slut it was comical. Yes, he sure to be a long time slut of mine.

Call the Size Snob Vixen and endulge in any fantasy you desire: Cuckolding, Feminization, Forced Bi, Cock sucking training, Anal Training, Cock Tease and Orgasm Denial, Cum eating, Guided Masturbation, Cock and Ball Torture, Erotic Hypnosis, Spanking, Blackmail, Financial Domination and more. 2.99/min with no minimums. Call me for the Fetish Fantasy ride of your fucking life!!
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Later for now losers!

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Dated: 28th June 2012
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Feast your eyes on the new layout for my niteflirt page. It has taken me some time to put it together and I am still not quite finished. But once I am, I will begin giving my website a new look and include a member’s area with all of your favorite fetish mp3s, a photo gallery as well as videos, PTV games and humiliation assignments. You won’t be able to escape once I have entangled you inside of my seductive web.
I’ve also added a few new things to my niteflirt page. A sexy voice sample that you can click and here me giggle as I tell you how much of a little dick loser you are. Indeed it is the start of a forth coming addiction you will hardly be able to escape. And also a new fetish mp3 since I am getting a lot of newbies lately who must learn what it means to serve me. Rules to Cock Enslavement is perfect for new losers as well as the old. All slaves must understand that when it comes to serving me, I own every part of you: your frivolous mind, your shriveled up cock, and your worthless cum as well as everything you have to offer when it comes to spoiling and tributing me. I will control your stroking habits. You will stroke when I say and how I say. And I will decide when you are allowed to cum. (Giggle) It will be an agonizing & stimulating experience.
For now, I am available on Niteflirt at 2.99/min- no minimums. Fetish interests include but are not limited to: Small Cock Humiliation, Cuckolding, Erotic Hypnosis, Cock Tease and Orgasm Denial, Spankings, Cock and Ball Torture, Mind Fucking & Brainwashing, Big Black Cock Worship, Interacial Sex Fetish, Feminization, Forced Bi, Blackmail and Financial Domination. Of course if you don’t see a fetish that you enjoy indulging in, you can always email me on Niteflirt. Make sure you purchase my Rules of Cock Enslavement Mp3 for $5.00

That’s all for now losers!!

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Dated: 26th June 2012
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I know all too well what many of you want. The answer is simeple: IT’S ME!! Your hot young Goddess, the one with the perfect body, the witty attitude, the black cock loving Princess that enjoys sex with the biggest and best cocks. All of that about me turns you the fuck on!! Which is why I know your little secret. You want me sooo badly. So badly that you see me when you’re forced to fuck your wife. I add spice to your boring and dull sex life as a married man to a crappy wife. My sex appeal entices you and makes you crave me. You can’t get enough of me which is why little by little I crawl into your mind and corrupt you. I am a poisonous addiction that you crawl to. Only I can give you the hard-on that you need to fuck your miserable wife! HAHAHAHA!! Which is why you will buy the mp3 and listen to my poisonous mind fucking. You can’t fuck without me. I will mind fuck you so good and easily that you will believe it is I that you are fucking, the moans you hear are mine.

Purchasing this mp3 will give you a free pass for my next Hypno mp3 that you will love. This mind fucking hypno mp3 will have you thinking that you are the masterful mandingo warrior with the big black cock, fucking me the way I crave to be. This one you won’t want to miss…

In other news, I have been available for calls sporadically but you can mostly catch me at night between 10p and midnight and anytime on the weekends. I also will be changing the website around so don’t panic if you notice that everything is down except for my blog. I’m thinking about giving it a new look and adding a member’s area. I had no idea I had accumulated so many photos over the last four years as well as videos and mp3s. So for about the next month I will be recreating this website and constructing a fetish playground for all of your wanking enjoyment. Later for now boys!

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Dated: 18th June 2012
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How awesome is it that I took time out of my busy schedule to take a sexy set of mouth water photos for your wanking enjoyment? I know so many of you boys, big cocks and small cocks alike, wait anxiously for a glimpse of my hotness. You adore me from head to toe as you should. So I put together 96 HD High Quality images and for the next 24 hours (approximately) you’ll be able to get them for $10. Sometimes your Size Snob Princess is too good to be true LOL!

In other news, as you know I absolutely LOATHE men with small cocks. That shit is absolutely GROSS!!! And the fact that some of you dick brains can pull those disgusted pink worms out with pride as if you’re about to beat some pussy up is mind boggling. Like are you not aware that you have a micro mini tweezer dick? Well if you don’t know, you will soon because I don’t spare feelings and I pull no punches when it comes to you shrimp dick ass clowns. Nevertheless you insist on trying your luck either thinking I will tell you that “thing” is cute and give you pity pussy or I will sympathize with your short comings. WRONG! It’s not happening. LOL!
As you know I am taking calls on Niteflirt. 2.99/min with no minimums. You can talk as little or as much as you like. Now I am also on with BareBottomBabes

Click the banner above for all the hot ass you butt sniffing whores can handle. Hot steamy phone sex catering to any and every kink, fetish and fantasy. Talk to a Bare Bottom Babe today!

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I have been away for a long LONG time! OMG I can’t believe I have neglected this website and this blog for almost 2 years. I’ve just been so busy with my personal life that I needed a break from Niteflirt. But I have always been lurking in the shadows, doing what I do best as the Ultimate Cuckolding Size Snob and Big Black Cock Brainwashing Vixen. No one is a bigger size snob than me. I’m not just a size snob when it comes to cocks. I find that I am a size snob when it comes to TV sizes, speakers and subwoofers for my surround sound as well as my car. Hell I don’t even like the Toyota Solara that was bought for me when I first graduated High School. I’m ready to move on to something bigger and better; A Nissan Pathfinder or an Armada. Oooh those trucks are sooo sexy especially in the colors black or Silver. So yes, I am an all around size snob. It’s so funny when my step-father bought me a 32 inch flat screen for my new Condo, I managed to smile and say thank you. But fuuuuuucccck, that thing looks so tiny in my living room. Therefore I want something BIGGER!! So when I am watching the NBA finals, I can enjoy watching the sweat drip from the bodies of those sexy black men running up and down the court. LOL! Yes, I am indeed a Size Snob.

I haven’t forgotten the power that I have over losers with shrimp midget dicks who only have a place as my cream pie eating, cock sucking cuckold. No I still enforce the importance of knowing you are inferior to the big Black Mandingo Warrior Cock. LOL! And just when you think you have escaped my poisonous and malicious wrath, I am luring you back in. And with this New Fetish Mp3, you will fall hopelessly back in the darkness of being a worthless, puny tiny dicklet wimp in the face of the superior Black Master Cock. This 14 minute mp3 is exactly what closet Black Cock lovers who secretly fantasize about being a black cock worshiping slave and MY cuckold. LOL! I know you missed my bratty, bitchy voice commanding and controlling you. If you thought you were going to slither away and escape the hold that I’ve had on your teeny balls these last 3 years, you better think again. I will always be a constant thought in your mind. There is NO escape…

Speak to the Ultimate Size Snob Fetish Phone Sex Vixen. Cuckolding, Small Cock Humiliation, Brainwashing, Erotic Hypnosis, Consensual Blackmail, Girlfriend Experience, Cock and Ball Torture, PTV Games, Fetish Mp3s and more. NiteFlirt Phonesex 2.99/min with no minimums.
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Dated: 23rd May 2012
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I just released a new strip tease video and man within the first hour of sending it out to you all in my good boys list, I made almost $200! You guys must love looking at the body of a hot young size snobby Goddess that you know you will never have LOL! Of course my faithful lovers received this video at a discount price. The rest of you who have not made it to the Good boy club will pay full price. And I know you will because you just can NOT resist my beauty.
Sexy Strip Tease Video

Speak to the Size Snob Vixen LIVE on Niteflirt
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2.99/min with no minute minimum!

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Dated: 25th November 2010
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What happens when you mix Forced Intox and Hypnosis together? You get some really weird shit! Friday and Saturday nights when I stay home turn out to be quite eventful on Niteflirt. I got a call from a guy named Bernard (yet another ugly ass name) who told me he just broke up with his girlfriend (correction- his girlfriend just broke up with him) and saw on her Facebook page that she was already seeing another guy. I asked him why did it matter to him and he went on to describe himself as being average height for a guy-5ft7 and weighing 138lbs. He says the other guy looked like a typical jock kind of guy standing at 6ft3 220lbs with a body like Michael Vick!!! I couldn’t contain my laughter. I told him if I was her, I would be with the other guy too it’s a no brainer. He said he knew that, and that was why he called me. He told me he had some Grey Goose Vodka, orange juice and grapefruit juice and wanted to get “white boy wasted” and put into a deep, DEEP hypnotic trance. He wanted to be hypnotized and forced to serve as his ex girlfriend’s cuckold and made to do all sorts of humiliating things in the face of her new more adequate and well endowed lover. I got him BEYOND “white boy wasted” and put him so deep into a trance that he didn’t even wake up when he fell out of the chair after trying to lick his balls like a good puppy dog. I told him to do so since no other woman would ever lick his tiny nuts, he might as well lick them himself. LOL! He sent me this email Saturday morning~

I don’t know what you did to me last night. But I woke up dazed, confused with very sore nuts and dry cum all over my hands. Every time I rubbed my cock and sore balls, I felt embarrassed like I had done something….really terrible. I’ve never experienced this kind of hypnosis. I’m scared but I want to do it again. What did you do to me?

Ha! Bernie…wouldn’t you love to know? Wouldn’t all of you like to know as well as experience the power behind my voice pulling you into a deeper trance and getting you to do THE UNTHINKABLE. And I don’t mean Alicia Keys style either.
Experience Erotic Hypnosis with your Size Snob Vixen on Niteflirt
2.99/min no minute minimum
Call 1-800-To Flirt ext 0318-3426 or click to call me!
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Dated: 21st November 2010
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I woke up this morning laughing. Can you believe that? How often do you wake up in the morning laughing? Are you curious as to why your Size Snob Goddess would wake up in the morning laughing? Well…It’s because of my night last night. I figured I would go out and have me some fun with the girls. Party, dance and get some really cute guys to buy me drinks. Ugly guys bought me drinks too of course LOL! But this one guy in particular was exceptionally HANDSOME. I mean he had that Justin Timberlake meets Tony Parker sex appeal to him. Cute baby face with a little dark mischief mixed in. Sexy as all hell. He had the right moves and I could totally see him as being a seasonal lover. Keep me warm during the Winter and then make tracks when the weather gets nice as it is time for new meet. LOL! We were so flirtatious with each other and though I don’t make a habit of just bedding any ole body…he was about to be an acception to that rule. (shaking my head) What a waste of my time. This loser may have been cute in the face with good conversation but his dick was dead. FUCKING DEAD! Everything that looks good definitely isn’t always good. Which is why I did a check point before he got back to my apartment. Cute face-check. Dimples-check. Straight white teeth and good smelling breath-check. Nice body covered in sexy apparel-check. Big cock-FAIL!!! God you guys just don’t get it at all. You will NEVER come anywhere near this honey cunt if your cock isn’t in the right. And he was all the way in the WRONG! It prompted me to put together a nice Small Cock Humiliation Mp3 last night. And boy, did I really fire away on this one. Buy it now boys and get put in your little dick place. I will not tolerate shrimp dick men no matter how cute you THINK you are and how much money you throw my way. I will spend your dollars and have you buy the bar for me and my girlfriends and you won’t even get a glimpse of this puss if your cock is hung like a roach.
Small Cock Annihilation $20.00

Speak to your Size Snob Vixen live on Niteflirt 2.99/min. No minimum. Click to call me Boys!!
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Dated: 15th November 2010
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